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Diagnostics on Porsche

Diagnostics on Porsche Called out to a fellow local garage to assist with a faulty porsche that kept on throwing cam and crank correlation codes out. The main dealer had failed to diagnose the fault we scoped the cam and crank signals and found this. Red signal is camshaft bank 1 and blue signal is camshaft bank 2, green is crankshaft signal. The Blue signal was 11 degrees retarded so timing needs attention. Please click here to view Cam and Crank Signal Image

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Volvo Specialists – New Forest

 AMC Car Repairs are now Volvo Specialists: We are very pleased to announce that we are Volvo Specialists we have recently invested in the full Volvo Diagnostic Equipment (DICE and VOE).  So if you would rather use an Independent Volvo Garage then get in touch with us. Our New equipment enables us to Program and Diagnose Volvo’s in the comfort of your own home (if the job allows or we can collect and return the car upon completion of work). We Cover the New Forest, Lymington, Hythe, Totton, Southampton and Surrounding areas. We have set up a New Facebook page dedicated to Volvos so if you own a Volvo check it out. Volvo Specialist – New Forest Facebook page click here We are not just Volvo Specialists we will work on other makes and models also, but we wanted to … Continue reading

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Fog! – the use of lights when driving

The use of Lights when driving in Fog, has sparked numerous posts on local facebook pages, different peoples opinions on this matter always make for a hot conversation topic! Its a shame that some people don’t consider the risks they are putting themselves and others at by not using adequate lighting when we have Fog. This week has been particularly bad and it looks like its to continue. The Highway code states that ” You MUST use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced, generally when you cannot see for more than 100 metres (328 feet). You may also use front or rear fog lights but you MUST switch them off when visibility improves”. So for those of you who think that lights are only for when its dark – Please ensure you use them day or night, if we have fog! By not doing … Continue reading

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