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Car Maintenance & Repairs

Car Maintenance & Repairs The key to a car running at its best is basic car maintenance carried out regularly. Keeping up with fluid changes, tyre checks, filter changes & other services will help avoid bigger and more expensive repairs.  Over time some car parts and components wear out or become damaged. Being aware of your car will help you address any problems before they become a bigger problem. By having your car serviced yearly by a qualified mechanic will help you keep on top of the car maintenance and repairs as they occur and help with longevity of the vehicle. Is your car due a service? Give us a call on 07587 988174 or 02380 879058 to book your car in today.  

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Belts & Hoses

Belts & Hoses: Many experts and manufacturers recommend replacing belts, radiator & heater hoses at specific intervals to prevent your car from breaking down. Ultimately replacing belts and hose is the customers choice, whether or not to change these regularly to prevent unexpected break downs. Losing a belt today can mean big trouble for the engine, because serpentine belts are used on most engines to turn the water pump, alternator, power steering and air conditioning compressor. If the serpentine belt fails or breaks, the engine will fail to run and you may be stranded. Older cars have V-belts for various accessories and failure of this belt could also strand you. A blown hose could result in an overheated engine & can cause additional engine damage. Its not easy to know the true condition of a belt or a hose by … Continue reading

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How we drive and the conditions of our roads

How we drive & the condition of our roads: The way we drive has changed over the years, how we drive them and the conditions of our roads.  Normal driving is defined as steady driving in non extreme weather conditions.  Today being a severe driver is more the rule than the exception.  The Motor industry refers to “severe driving ” as : stop and go traffic, short commutes, heavier loads: cargo, passenger or towing a trailer, rough or mountainous roads, dusty or salty environment, driving the car before its had a chance to warm up, driving in extremely hot or cold weather. As a driver, you should be aware of your vehicles needs & properly maintain & repair it as outlined in the manufacturers guide. If you do, your car should perform safely and dependably for years to come.

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