Air Bag Warning Light

Air Bag Warning Light:

Quite often the first way of knowing you have an Air Bag Fault, will be the Air Bag Warning Light showing on your car or van.

This is there to alert you to a problem within the Air Bag system –  unfortunately the light alone doesnt tell you whats wrong with the car.

It could be one of many airbags that have a problem within your car or van :

  • Front airbags on steering wheel and in glove box
  • Side airbags on ceiling and sides
  • Mid level airbags
  • Curtain airbags at window level
  • Seat belt

This is where you need to contact an Auto Electrician / Car Electrician. To investigate why the error light has appeared on your car.

It could be for many reasons, so firstly they will check what fault codes the car or van has stored. This will point them in a direction to start their diagnostic investigation to find out the cause.

Airbag Fault lights can appear for many reasons some of these are:

  • Bad electrical contact
  • Battery problems
  • Airbag computer problems
  • Sensor problems
  • Wiring problems
  • Connection problems with seat belt
  • Faulty parts

The Auto Electrician will investigate why the light is there, testing areas as they go.  We recently visited a vehicle with an air bag fault and by running some test wires within the electrical circuit, bypassing the suspected faulty area, we could then pin point what part was faulty and needed replacing.  It really does need a skilled technician to investigate whats happening on your vehicle.

Customers often say to us i have been on google and it says this: What google doesn’t do is look at the exact fault on your car, its talking about someone elses vehicle and it has no way of knowing why your car is faulting.

This is why testing is so important, we don’t want our customers spending money on parts that they don’t need, as parts can be a lot more expensive that paying for a bit of extra time to investigate the fault thoroughly.

So if you have an air bag fault get in contact with us, we would be happy to book you in.

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