Cambelts and The Importance of Getting them Replaced!!

Some people break out into a cold sweat when their mechanic asks them when they last had x y or z changed, but in most cases they are actually trying to save them money in the long run and keep they car on the road for them longer.

Cambelts or Timing Belts as they are also known remain a mystery to many motorists.
So we thought we would take the time to explain what they do and why its so important to get them replaced at the manufacturers recommended intervals, which believe it or not is different for most vehicles on the market, as is the time and cost related to replacing them.

The simplest explanation is that Cambelts maintain the timing of the pistons and the valves so they dont hit each other. Over time the Cambelt degrades and slackens, which means that the timing of the pistons and valves can become out of time and can hit each other.  This can have disasterous results!  ( Not only to the car, but to the wallet also! )

This is only one explanation as to how a Cambelt works,  there are more technical descriptions, but it gives you the general idea of how important this component is to maintain.

So to Avoid this Costly mistake it is highly recommended that  you get your Cambelt replaced at the Recommended Intervals for your vehicle.

If you are unsure as to whether your vehicle is due for a Cambelt change then feel free to contact AMC Car Repairs on 07587 988174 or email us at

(When AMC Car Repairs price up work for Cambelts or Services etc, the costs are kept to a minimum for the customer by having a bespoke pricing schedule for each vehicle instead of having a blanket price plan.)