Car Exhaust System

Car Exhaust System:

Car Exhaust Systems have progressed a lot from the old days of exhaust pipes and mufflers.  Today the exhaust system is safety and emission control all rolled into one.

You should have your exhaust inspected regularly and checked immediately if you suspect any problems.

The exhaust routes dangerous exhaust gas from the engine out and away from the car to keep it from affecting the occupants.  It also reduces exhaust noise from the engine. The oxygen sensors mounted in the exhaust monitor the level of oxygen in the exhaust gases to maintain efficient engine operation.

The Exhaust fitted at the factory won’t last forever and the factors that can contribute to replacement requirements include;

  • driving habits, short trips take their toll on the exhaust systems life,
  • road conditions, salt, road spray and bumps,
  • vehicle type
  • and the age of the exhaust system parts.

Symptoms not to be ignored – Loud noise, rattling noise when starting, accelerating or braking , drowsiness driving and the smell of rotten eggs. If you experience any of these get your car looked at by a professional straight away.