Car Lights & Windscreen Wipers

Car Lights & Windscreen Wipers

Car Lights & Windscreen wipers play a major role in safe driving – the chances of accidents increase if you can’t be seen or see others.  Its all to common to get a car in with a fault of this nature that hasn’t been addressed, if you find your car has one of these faults get it booked in and resolved at once.

What do they do?  The wiper system keeps excessive water, snow or dirt from building up on the windshield and removes them to maintain clear visibility through the windscreen.  The lighting system provides nighttime visibility, signals and alerts other drivers. It also supplies light for viewing instruments and cars interior.

Typical Wear & Tear:  Lights and wipers are normal wear and tear items that require periodic replacement. Factors affecting replacement intervals include:

  • Operating Conditions
  • Frequency of use
  • Materials and type of lights & wipers
  • Sunny weather – wiper bladed deteriorate faster and need more frequent replacement in Hot weather.

Symptoms you may notice:

  • Chattering or streaking wiper
  • Rapid signal blinking
  • Dimming lights
  • A warning on dash for some vehicles lights

Parts that relate to your lights and wipers include; Wiper arm, wiper blade, wiper motor, fog lights, headlights, parking lights, turn signal lights, emergency flashers, washer fluid, washer fluid reservoir, fuses, instrument lighting, interior lights, stop lights, tail lights, marker lights and back up lights.