Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance:

Cars can be expensive, but keeping on top of car maintenance and servicing can help reduce the costs in the long run.  By leaving a fault or not regularly maintaining your car, you increase the chances of the initial fault developing into something much worse and often costing you more to put right.

We find that cars that are serviced annually and have faults addressed quickly, have a much lower need for additional work and are less likely to break down on you. Obviously all cars have the potential to break down, however by carrying out regular maintenance and checks you reduce the chances of this hugely.

Many people believe that their MOT Test is all that’s needed with regards to maintenance of their car. This is not true!

An MOT test is only a visual inspection of a set list :

Click here to find out whats checked as part of an MOT Test

The engine itself is not looked at.  No oils or filters are changed these should be carried out annually as part of a separate service.   Car Maintenance and Servicing are a key part to having a reliable car.

I can’t stress to you how important Car Maintenance is, we frequently hear ” it was only mot’d a few weeks ago ” when we visit a break down.

If you want your car to be reliable and not let you down when you need it, then you have to carry out regular car maintenance and servicing to avoid unexpected break downs. You can’t avoid break downs completely, but if your car is checked regularly by a qualified mechanic then underlying issues are less likely to develop.

Look after your car and it will look after you!