Car Service & MOT – The Facts

Car Service & MOT – The facts.

Did you know there is a difference between a Car Service & MOT Test?  Please read on if you would like to understand what the difference is.

Think of your car as another member of your family, you want it to be there for you when you need it. 

Humans require clean air and a good diet to perform at their best and not become unwell. Cars are no different really. Cars require a good clean air flow, clean oil and filters.  Without these, a cars insides become clogged up and parts start to fail, impacting on the way they perform for you.  

The number of customers we have that say “Oh my car has only just passed its MOT Test, I’m surprised that its broken down!”.  When ask when they last had their vehicle serviced, 90% of them reply a few years ago or in some case never! Please remember that an MOT Test only looks at the checklist items determined by the DVSA.

So Whats the difference between an MOT and a Service?

Well lets imagine your a Marathon Runner preparing for your next big race. Before setting off you make sure that your body is up to the task. You visit your doctor for a general health check, to make sure that your body meets the minimum requirements for such a demanding task and to check that you have no health conditions, that may put your life in danger. This is like your MOT, the test ensures your vehicle is roadworthy and meets the minimum safety requirements set out by the DVSA.

With a bill of clean health you could at this stage attempt your marathon, but that might not be such a great idea.

Instead you visit a Fitness trainer, who gets you into peak physical condition to take on the race. Without this training you could find yourself exhausted and have to give up, or even seriously injure yourself in some way.  The fitness trainer is like your car service which prolongs the life of the car. By not servicing your vehicle, you may break down or worst case scenario do irreparable damage to your car.

There are lots of misconceptions about MOT tests.

An MOT Test does not guarantee the general condition of your vehicle. An MOT test, simply means the vehicle meets the minimum road safety and environment standards set out by the DVSA at the time of testing. The MOT Tester is not permitted to dismantle any components on the car, therefore the MOT Test does not give any indication of the mechanical condition.

Skipping a service will not save you money, in the long run it will be a false economy.

People think that because their car has an MOT Test certificate their car is deemed roadworthy for 12 months. This is not the case, the MOT tester can only make judgement on the condition of  the vehicle at the time of testing. A lot can happen to a car in the months that follow, so its important to carry out regular checks and maintenance as required, to ensure your car is still safe.

To keep your vehicle running at its best, look after it well by servicing it regularly. Also carry out repairs as required, don’t just rely on its annual MOT.

Remember an MOT pass, doesn’t give it a clean bill of health and you may get caught out in a time of need.

When did you last service your car?  give us a call if your car is due a service.