Is your Car Service on your New Years To Do List?

Is your Car Service on your New Years To Do List?

Car Service means a set of maintenance procedures carried out after a vehicle has traveled for a certain distance or over a length of time.
Today most vehicles are equipped with a service due indicator that automatically shows when the next service is due, this will illuminate a light on your dash. Although some older vehicles don’t have this, so it is down to the owner to schedule these at regular intervals.

Typically when routine car servicing is completed your mechanic will record it in the service history for your vehicle.

There are a number of maintenance tasks that are carried out during a car service, such as changing the engine oil, air and fuel filters and replacing the spark plugs, just to name a few.  Brake fluid and Coolant are also checked and replaced at regular intervals to ensure they perform as they should. There are also various mechanical parts which need regular checks ups to be sure the car is in good operating condition and safe to drive.  The most commonly reported problems found when servicing cars are brake discs or pads, suspension problems and worn tyres.

Many people assume because there car has been MOT’d that is all they need to do.  An MOT test will not help maintain the life of your vehicle, it only meets the minimum safety standard and does not mean the car will be legal in a months time. You need to carry out some maintenance to it at least once a year to reduce the chances of your vehicle becoming unreliable and breaking down unexpectedly.

Car Servicing is essential as it saves the need to buy a new car, thus helping you save money.

So if you are rubbish at keeping to New Years Resolutions, here is one that is nice and easy for you to keep to!

Make sure you book your car in for a service this year when it is due!!