Does your car need a service?Whats hidden under your bonnet?

Does your car need a service?Whats hidden under your bonnet? 

A lot of people would be horrified to know whats hidden under their bonnet, if your car has had a service recently you can breath a sigh of relief as your car will be a lot healthier than some we have seen recently.

We often hear people say “I don’t know why my car has suddenly gone wrong and needs repairing”.  When asked when they last serviced their car they say “oh, I can’t remember it was quite a while ago”.

Cars a similar to people they need clean air to breathe or they struggle running properly. By not servicing a car, the oil becomes polluted and collects carbon deposits which eventually stick on parts within the engine and cause premature failure, oil leaks or general running problems.

These are two examples of problems we have found in recent weeks:

This car hadn’t been serviced for a long time and came in with an oil leak.  The Rocker Cover Gasket was removed and this was found:

rocker cover gasket oil leak

as you can see the oil in this image is full of carbon where it has not been serviced for a long time and particles have collected in the oil.  Having an Annual Car Service would have prevented the oil degrading and protected the engine and parts within the vehicle.

This Car also hadn’t been serviced for a long time and upon servicing we found this filthy Cabin filter! A new filter is white and as you can see this is far from white and has collected a selection of leaves, feathers and dirt that has been sucked into the car.

dirty cabin filter car needs service

This filter will no longer be effective and instead of clean air coming into the car for the driver and passengers to breath in, they would have been inhaling particles of waste instead, I’m sure this is not something anyone would willingly want to breath in and can easily be avoided by changing the cabin filter at regular service intervals.

These are just a few examples we have come across, all too regularly cars are not serviced and driven in this condition.

Our message to you would be look after your cars health and your own by regularly having your car serviced its a small price to pay for a healthy driving environment and reduced premature wear on car parts which in tern will reduce the overall running costs of your vehicle.