Is your car winter ready?

Is your car winter ready?


Over the past week or so the weather has started to feel more autumnal, winter is on its way.  With the weather changing the conditions outside can be unpredictable is your car ready to use in during dull, dark, cold, winter days?

Here are are few things you should check before driving on darker colder days:

  • When did you last have your antifreeze / coolant changed? has it been done in the last few years? if not it could do with a change to ensure it performs.
  • Are you windscreen wipers working correctly and in good condition? Rain could catch you unprepared if not.
  • Do your lights work? Days can be dull and get dark early.
  • Is your heater working? Temperatures drop, travelling conditions can be chilly and your screen can mist up too.
  • Do you have a spare coat or blanket in your vehicle? just in case you get stranded in the cold
  • Do you have a Torch in your car? often handy on dark evenings if you need to find your way around.
  • Do you have de icer and a scrapper? for those freezing conditions.

There are other things that can be useful too but this is just a few to get you thinking about what you might need during the winter months.

Better to be prepared for whatever the weather can throw at you. Living in the UK, winter conditions can vary every year! Who knows we may even get snow down south this year, only time will tell, what the weather has in store for us this year.

If your vehicle hasn’t been serviced for a while it might be a good idea to book it in now so you know the car is in good working order before you head out on a winter drive.