Carbon, How it Damages your cars internal parts & how you can prevent this!


Carbon is one of your cars biggest enemies, it damages the internal components within your car silently.

Quite often our customers don’t contact us regarding carbon problems until its too late and parts are beyond help and have to be replaced.

Many people don’t realise that they can easily help prevent this damage before it gets to this stage, if they use our special treatments, chemically engineered in the US. They can reduce the Carbon that has already built up and protect their car against further build up also.

This week we have seen 3 cars that all had Internal Components damaged prematurely by Carbon.

EGR with Carbon build up

EGR with Carbon build up

Watch this Video to see how we can help reduce the Carbon in your car today, your be amazed by the results!

You can reduce your repair bills and save money by getting more miles per gallon.

If you would like to find out more about our methods of protecting your car against carbon build up, then get in touch with us and we can discuss this with you further.