DPF Cleaning & Maintenance

DPF Cleaning & Maintenance

DPF Cleaning (AMC Car Repairs)

We now offer DPF & EGR Cleaning as one of our services.

Vehicles with DPF continually need maintaining . Prevention against Carbon and other build up is a great way to save yourself money as this build up inside your engine is a real problem for most vehicles.

Cars are just like people really, they need air to perform properly, if you imagine the inside of your car continually getting Carbon and Other materials build up on the inside of it, they will eventually get clogged up and either fail completely or perform badly. This Build up on the inside of your engine not only effects performance, it effects the life of many parts inside the engine and over time will cause premature wear and costly repairs.

This is a car we had in and treated, just look at how much build up there is in just this one component:

Volvo Intake Pipe Blocked with Carbon (DPF Cleaning- AMC Car Repairs)

Volvo Intake Pipe Blocked with Carbon

DPF Removal:

We have had several discussions recently with customers about the removal of DPF completely, this is a complete NO NO!!

Firstly it is an offence under the Road vehicles Regulation 61a(3))1 to use a vehicle which has been modified in such a way that it no longer complies with the air pollutant emissions standards it was designed to meet. Making the vehicle illegal for road use.

Your vehicle will also Fail an MOT Test, at present its only visually detected on the MOT, but they will soon be introducing New Machines that will be used to test DPF performance. Anyone considering removal should reconsider, as you would have to pay to have a new DPF installed to get an MOT on the car again.

Going Forward – DPF Cleaning:

There are several treatment options on the market. There are Pour in treatments these are the least effective methods of treatment and then you have professional treatments.

We provide a professional treatment which has great results, the product that we use not only cleans and breaks down build up, but it continues to treat the car after we have carried out the treatment, it applies a protective shield to the inside of components, helping to prevent further build up for up to 12,000 miles. This treatment can be used independently as part of a service annually or if you have performance issues then we can carry out a deep clean and remove the baked on carbon and deposits.

Our product is unique in the fact that it provides protection going forward unlike other popular brands.

Get in Touch:

We hate to see cars that have been damaged by this build up when it is so easily prevented, parts are expensive and the more build up you get, the more risk you are of having costly repairs from premature wear.

So get in touch with us to find out more, we would love to help you to protect your car and lower your repair bills today.

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