Latest News on MOT changes being introduced May 2017 for DPF’s – If you own a car with a DPF you really should read this!

DPF included in MOT from May 2017.

How will MOT Changes relating to DPF affect you?

DPF Cleaning (AMC Car Repairs)

We have been warning our customers that changes were imminent regarding DPF and MOT Tests.  It’s just been announced as part of the Roadworthiness Directive, from May 2017 all vehicles with a DPF fitted will have these inspected at MOT. This will be tested by advanced technology, that can detect the Removal of the DPF along with Emissions testing.

This means that those of you who have Removed your DPF, this will result in a failure at MOT. Your vehicle will be found to be non compliant, which is an offense under the Road Vehicles Regulation and could result in Penalties of £1000 for a car and £2500 for a van.

Please click here to read the full article about MOT changes for vehicles with DPFs

Emissions are also tested as standard as part of an MOT,  if your DPF has been removed or isn’t performing effectively, Carbon can build up on the inside of your vehicle causing high emissions, premature wear and costly repairs that could be avoided.

We offer three services that relate to DPF maintenance:

  • Forced DPF Regeneration via our computer systems,
  • Prevention Treatments by BG Products as part of annual service to help prevent carbon build up.
  • Intake System Cleaning – Carbon Reduction and Performance Restoration Clean with BG Products.

The last resort would be to replace the DPF if it was beyond help.

I suppose the question you have to ask yourself is how important is your car to you? Do you rely on it as part of your daily routine? Most Carbon related problems can be avoided by proper maintenance on a annual basis, reducing unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs from premature wear.

If you need any help regarding DPF, EGR or other Carbon Related issues, then get in touch with us. Don’t delay in treating these issues as they will be causing damage internally to your car that could be avoided.


Volvo Intake Pipe Blocked with Carbon (DPF Cleaning- AMC Car Repairs)

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