The MOT Loophole that could get you a fine & points

The MOT Loophole that can get you a £2500 fine and 3 points! 

Many Drivers think that if they put their car in early for an MOT and it fails they can still drive it and have time to carry out repairs before their last test certificate expires.

This is not the case!

If you put your car in for its MOT early and it fails thats it. The previous certificate becomes invalid and the most recent fail is the status of your car, your car no longer has a pass certifcate as the fail superceeds it.

This means you cannot legally drive it on the road as its deemed as not roadworthy.  Your insurance will not cover a car without a pass certificate and as your fail superceeds the previous pass you had, you could be liable to a £2500 fine and 3 points if the police catch you driving the car on the road again before repairs and pass certificate has been awarded.

You can have your MOT test carried out one month prior to the expiry date of your existing MOT Certificate whilst still preserving the anniversary date of expiry. However this new test will be the new status of the vehicle and you cannot legally drive the vehicle again until the repairs have been carried out and a New Pass Test Certificate awarded.

The only time you can drive a car on the road that doesnt have an MOT certificate is if you have made a prior booking for a MOT test to be carried out and you are taking the vehicle to the garage for this test to be carried out, it cannot be driven at any other time.

Hope this information is useful to you, as we have come across many drivers who were not aware of this.

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