Carbon Reduction & Performance Restoration for Cars

Carbon Reduction & Performance Restoration:

As any car owner will know, cars are often unpredictable, one minute they will be ok, the next they have a light on the dash, make a strange noise or simply wont work.

We know from experience that many of the faults that our customers get are as a result of premature wear from Carbon build up.  Over time the inside of your vehicle gathers layers of Carbon on the parts that it requires to function properly.

We use a system from the United States called BG Products in the USA it is the leading supplier to dealers 4 to 1 for resolving Carbon related issues and improving MPG. Its a similar system to Terraclean, BG Products is our chosen supplier as we have tried and tested it and had good results and we wanted to introduce something new to the market for our customers to try and prevent costly component failures.

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AMC Car Repairs use BG Products -Carbon Reduction & Perfomance Restoration