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This is AMC Car Repairs Blog, we try and post regular updates that our viewers would like to read. We will talk about a range of topics, it could be anything from; Vehicles we specialize in;  Volvo, Audi, Seat, Skoda & Volkswagen, General Car Maintenance, Diagnostic information, Spark plugs, Cambelts, Unusual car related facts and much more. The Topics will be varied and we will try and write them in a relaxed format so everyone can understand, not just the car enthusiasts that tune in. If you have a topic you would like us to cover, let us know and we will try to accommodate you. We hope that you enjoy reading them.

Car Exhaust System

Car Exhaust System: Car Exhaust Systems have progressed a lot from the old days of exhaust pipes and mufflers.  Today the exhaust system is safety and emission control all rolled into one. You should have your exhaust inspected regularly and checked immediately if you suspect any problems. The exhaust routes dangerous exhaust gas from the engine out and away from the car to keep it from affecting the occupants.  It also reduces exhaust noise from the engine. The oxygen sensors mounted in the exhaust monitor the level of oxygen in the exhaust gases to maintain efficient engine operation. The Exhaust fitted at the factory won’t last forever and the factors that can contribute to replacement requirements include; driving habits, short trips take their toll on the exhaust systems life, road conditions, salt, road spray and bumps, vehicle type and the … Continue reading

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AMC Car Repairs, Diagnostics & Auto Electrics Message to customers.

AMC Car Repairs, Diagnostics & Auto Electrics, would like to Thank all our Customers for their continued support over the past year and Wish you all a Happy New Year and Happy Motoring for 2019. We hope that 2019 is a good year for you.  If you have any car related problems, Auto Electrics or car servicing needs then let us know. Remember, its best to try and prevent a problem before, it takes your car off the road when you really need it! Servicing is key to ensuring your car is reliable and in good working order all year around.

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Car Fuel System

Car Fuel System What is the car fuel system? – The fuel system works with the rest of the engine control system to deliver the best performance with the lowest emissions. If you smell fuel or suspect a problem address this immediately. What does the car fuel system do? – The car fuel system transfers fuel from the fuel tank and passes it through a fuel filter for straining before it arrives at the injectors.  A pressure regulator controls fuel pressure to ensure good engine performance under a variety of speed and load conditions.  Fuel injectors, when activated spray a metered amount of fuel into the engine.  Some cars use a return line system to return unused fuel back to the tank. Wear & Tear on vehicle fuel systems, the intervals for fuel system maintenance may be influenced by fuel … Continue reading

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Car Filters

Car Filters Your cars filters are important to the longevity of your car and interior comfort and should be replaced regularly. Most Cars have 4 basic filters fitted as standard, here we describe them and their roles within the vehicle: Oil Filter traps contaminants allowing the oil to flow through the engine unrestricted. Fuel Filter separates harmful contaminants that may cause problems with injectors and fuel system. Air Filter traps dirt particles, which can cause damage to engine cylinders, walls, pistons etc.  The Air filter also plays a role in keeping contaminants off the airflow sensor in fuel injected cars. Cabin Filter or Pollen Filter as its also known helps trap pollen, bacteria and dust that may find its way into the cars ventilation system. Filters are normal wear and tear items that require regular checks as part of a … Continue reading

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Vehicle Steering & Suspension

Vehicle Steering & Suspension: What is Steering & Suspension?  The Steering & Suspension are key safety related systems that affects the way your car rides and handles.  You should have these sysetms checked regularly, at least once a year. What does the Steering & Suspension do?  The suspension maintains the relationship between the wheels and the frame of the car.  The suspension system interacts with the steering system to provide vehicle control.  When the system is working correctly, the suspension system helps absorb the irregularities in the road, such as potholes, rough terrain etc, but absorbing these irregularities it helps maintain vehicle stability.  The steering system transmits you input from the steering wheel to the steering gear and other steering components that control the cars direction, so if you move the wheel fiercely the car will steer in that direction … Continue reading

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Is your car ready for winter? When was your last car service?

Is your car ready for winter? When was your last car service? As the weather is changing and winter fast approaches, we have already noticed an increase in car breakdowns and faults that are related to winter and the cooler weather. When did you last have a mechanic look at your car? Has it been serviced in the past year? Do you rely on your car as your main form of transport? Cars need regular maintenance to perform at their best, if you haven’t had your car serviced in a while, now is the time to consider booking it in, before the ice arrives. Everyone knows how annoying it is to have an unreliable car, but its even worse to breakdown in during the winter, its no fun being stuck out in the cold. We advise all our customers to … Continue reading

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Vehicle Starting, Charging & Batteries

Vehicle Starting, Charging & Batteries Your car’s starting, charging system & battery help ensure dependable vehicle operation whenever you drive your car. What does it do?  The battery stores electrical energy and the starter converts that energy into mechanical force to turn the engine for starting.  The alternator produces electric current to replace what the starter has used from the battery during start up and supports electrical loads when the engine is running.  An ignition module turns the low voltage supply to the ignition coil on & off, and the coil produces the high voltage for the ignition system.  This creates a spark at spark plugs and ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine. A belt then transmits power from the front of the engine to the alternator pulley, along with other accessories. What Wear & Tear can you expect?  … Continue reading

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Car Lights & Windscreen Wipers

Car Lights & Windscreen Wipers Car Lights & Windscreen wipers play a major role in safe driving – the chances of accidents increase if you can’t be seen or see others.  Its all to common to get a car in with a fault of this nature that hasn’t been addressed, if you find your car has one of these faults get it booked in and resolved at once. What do they do?  The wiper system keeps excessive water, snow or dirt from building up on the windshield and removes them to maintain clear visibility through the windscreen.  The lighting system provides nighttime visibility, signals and alerts other drivers. It also supplies light for viewing instruments and cars interior. Typical Wear & Tear:  Lights and wipers are normal wear and tear items that require periodic replacement. Factors affecting replacement intervals include: … Continue reading

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Car Maintenance & Repairs

Car Maintenance & Repairs The key to a car running at its best is basic car maintenance carried out regularly. Keeping up with fluid changes, tyre checks, filter changes & other services will help avoid bigger and more expensive repairs.  Over time some car parts and components wear out or become damaged. Being aware of your car will help you address any problems before they become a bigger problem. By having your car serviced yearly by a qualified mechanic will help you keep on top of the car maintenance and repairs as they occur and help with longevity of the vehicle. Is your car due a service? Give us a call on 07587 988174 or 02380 879058 to book your car in today.  

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Belts & Hoses

Belts & Hoses: Many experts and manufacturers recommend replacing belts, radiator & heater hoses at specific intervals to prevent your car from breaking down. Ultimately replacing belts and hose is the customers choice, whether or not to change these regularly to prevent unexpected break downs. Losing a belt today can mean big trouble for the engine, because serpentine belts are used on most engines to turn the water pump, alternator, power steering and air conditioning compressor. If the serpentine belt fails or breaks, the engine will fail to run and you may be stranded. Older cars have V-belts for various accessories and failure of this belt could also strand you. A blown hose could result in an overheated engine & can cause additional engine damage. Its not easy to know the true condition of a belt or a hose by … Continue reading

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