DPF Cleaning & EGR Cleaning

Common problems

Does your car seem sluggish, Do you seem to be getting less miles per gallon, is it slower than  it used to be? Do you have a problem with your DPF? Thats because a standard service can’t remove the power & mpg sapping deposits that accumulate in your engine & intake system.

Your Car is like a Human, it needs Air. These deposits all build up on the inside and you can’t see them, over time they cause damage which in turn becomes costly either in parts where carbon has built up and damaged the component or in Fuel costs, because the vehicle is running less efficiently.

There is now a solution and prevention for this common problem which is suitable for all cars.

What can it do

Results have found the product to:

  • Restore Diesel Particulated Filters (DPF’s) . A Clean DPF will result in  no engine warning light or limp mode or restricted power.
  • Clean EGR’s,
  • Lower your Emissions
  • Injectors will fire more efficiently
  • Air Flow to the engine will be greatly increased
  • Engine Performance Improved
  • Reduce Environmentally Damaging exhaust emissions
  • Boost Fuel Ecomony
  • Restore vehicle driveability
  • Reduce Vehicle Repair Bills, as components like DPF’s, EGR’s, Fuel Injectors & other Internal  Components will be cleaner if used as part of your regular service routine.
  • Restore Horsepower
  • Smoother Power Delivery
  • Quieter Idle with less vibration

Service Options

We can help restore your car with our system cleaning options.

If you have a New Car start protecting it now, our product protects the inside of your vehicle by reducing the nasty carbon from building up on the components which cause premature wear and replacement. It lasts for up to 12,000 miles and should be used annually as part of your regular service routine. So choose the Protection Service Now.

Contact us now on 07587 988174 or 02380 879058 for more details.

Haven’t got a New Car don’t panic!! Its not too late we can treat it with our deep clean system, removing that baked on carbon and restoring it, not only will our product remove the deposits it has been engineered to prevent further build up from occuring on your internal components, this protection will last for up to 12,000 miles this should be followed up annually with a protection treatment as part of your annual service. So Choose the Deep Clean Service Now.

Contact us now on 07587 988174 or 02380 879058 for more details.

Continue Protecting your car, been treated before and want it to carry on being protected against carbon build ups, travelled 12,000 miles or your annual service is due. So Choose the Annual Protection Service Now.

Contact us now on 07587 988174 or 02380 879058 for more details.

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