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Remapping & ECU Cloning:

We carry out Remapping on many makes and models, we can also carry out Cloning to Engine ECU’s.

Why Would you Clone an Engine ECU?

There are many reasons to Clone an Engine ECU, if your ECU is faulty but still readable then now is the time to investigate whether its possible to clone your Engine ECU. Once it becomes unreadable a clone is no longer possible and rectifying the problem becomes more costly.

Engine ECUs can become faulty for a variety of reasons,  water ingress is a common issue, age deterioration, driver failure within the ecu or cracked solder joints are just a few examples of possible faults your ECU may experience.

AMC Car Repairs can carry out various methods of ECU Cloning, OBD mode, Boot mode and Bench Clone

If you suspect your ECU has developed a fault then contact us as soon as possible to see if we can carry out a clone for you.

ECU Repair

Remapping what is it?

Remapping is a software change to a vehicles electronic control unit (ECU)

How does Remapping work?

AMC Car Repairs can make adjustments to the operating specification within the code or map as its otherwise called. These adjustments will improve the vehicles performance and/or economy without changing or adding any hardware.

Most vehicles save the map within the vehicles ECU (electronic control unit), this can be accessed by the OBD (onboard diagnostics port) which is situated within the vehicle. Some newer vehicles require the ECU to be removed for modifications to be carried out on a bench.

Why should I get my vehicle remapped?

All of our Remaps are personalised for each vehicle, there is no one size fits all.

The scope & improvements vary from vehicle to vehicle. Most vehicles leave the factory with their power output restricted, at AMC Car Repairs we can release that hidden power & torque.

We can make adjustments to the original calibration to maximise the vehicles performance, fuel economy or a blend of both.

ECU Remapping will improve the engines power & torque figures, sharpen the throttle response & widen the power band.

The other main benefit of remapping is a reduction in fuel consumption. The extra torque will help you see a fuel saving, especially at the bottom of the rev range. This is because it will need less throttle input to maintain motorway speeds.  You can also drive in a higher gear at a slower speed.  This will improve performance when the vehicle is fully laden, towing, on gradients and even in stop start traffic.

Can my Car be remapped?

We can remap most vehicles and diesels respond particularly well to an ECU remap. Contact us with your vehicles registration and we can check whether its suitable for your vehicle and find out the potential results remapping can achieve.

We can also carry out the following:

  • Speed Limiter Removal
  • Swirl Flap Delete
  • DPF Delete & Additive tank Delete (for vehicles intended for off road use)

Remapping is a great way to get the best out of you car, so unlock your cars hidden potential today.

To find out more, click here to contact us today or Call 02380 879058 with your vehicles details