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Mobile Car Electrician Mechanic

Mobile Car Electrician Mechanic – Covering the Southampton & New Forest Areas.  We will come to you and help get you back on the road ( please note: we do not work on the side of the road ). Our work takes us all over the place:  We cover a large area from Hythe, out to lymington, lyndhurst, cadnam, ashurst, totton, romsey, many parts of Southampton, Holbury, Fawley, Langley, Beaulieu & Brockenhurst. So what have we been up to:  heres some recent jobs we have done: Peugeot in for an Annual service Investigate a VW no start Boot locking fault on a Vauxhall Vw with a battery drain Volvo cabin fan not working Mazda Headlights not working Horn not working on a Ford Fuel pump module fault on a VW Hyundai with a reverse light fault Investigate BMW no start … Continue reading

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AMC Car Repairs – Weekly Roundup – Servicing

AMC Car Repairs – Weekly Roundup – Servicing Servicing has been a popular booking this week, no two weeks are ever the same in this trade.  Although we specialise in Auto Electrics, Fault Finding & Diagnostics, we also service vehicles, along with remapping, ecu cloning & much more.  When someone calls to book servicing, its music to our ears – regular maintenance and servicing will help them have a more reliable vehicle. It amazes us how many people dont service their vehicles, as they think am MOT test is sufficient, unfortunately an MOT only checks a fixed list of areas, a service will highlight other areas that need attention, along with refreshing the oil and filters.  Over the years we have seen allsorts when servicing cars.  The ones that stick in my memory are the service bookings for cars that … Continue reading

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Belts & Hoses

Belts & Hoses: Many experts and manufacturers recommend replacing belts, radiator & heater hoses at specific intervals to prevent your car from breaking down. Ultimately replacing belts and hose is the customers choice, whether or not to change these regularly to prevent unexpected break downs. Losing a belt today can mean big trouble for the engine, because serpentine belts are used on most engines to turn the water pump, alternator, power steering and air conditioning compressor. If the serpentine belt fails or breaks, the engine will fail to run and you may be stranded. Older cars have V-belts for various accessories and failure of this belt could also strand you. A blown hose could result in an overheated engine & can cause additional engine damage. Its not easy to know the true condition of a belt or a hose by … Continue reading

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Car Service & MOT – The Facts

Car Service & MOT – The facts. Did you know there is a difference between a Car Service & MOT Test?  Please read on if you would like to understand what the difference is. Think of your car as another member of your family, you want it to be there for you when you need it.  Humans require clean air and a good diet to perform at their best and not become unwell. Cars are no different really. Cars require a good clean air flow, clean oil and filters.  Without these, a cars insides become clogged up and parts start to fail, impacting on the way they perform for you.   The number of customers we have that say “Oh my car has only just passed its MOT Test, I’m surprised that its broken down!”.  When ask when they last … Continue reading

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