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What goes wrong with Balljoints ?

What goes wrong with Balljoints? Balljoints consist of a sealed ball and socket joint, any noticeable up and down movement indicates wear.  This can result in an MOT failure, as will torn rubber gaiters. Uneven Tyre wear and clunking noises are common warnings that replacement is due. Nearly all vehicles today have suspension systems that utilize anti-roll bars, these are connected to the suspension on the car by link rods or droplinks.  These are usually thin metal bars with balljoints on each end, failure of one of these usually results in a knock or a rattle when driving on bumpy roads.  Anti roll bar mounts can also deteriorate. The parts market is full of cheap substandard balljoints, which wear out far too quickly, a good OE quality part that may be a little more expensive will be more cost effective … Continue reading

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