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Engine Management Light Reminder!

Engine Management Light Reminder! We need to give you an Engine Management Light Reminder! EML’s as there also known on cars need addressing before your MOT Test, as it will fail if you have one showing. What is an Engine Management Light?  Basically its a warning light that will appear on your dash, they come in many different forms depending on the vehicle and fault. The light stays on the dash to warn you that your cars computer has detected a problem within an area of your car and it needs investigating and fixing to turn the light off. Recently we have had an influx of customers with Engine management lights on their vehicles, who are either unaware of MOT changes or have left repairs until just before their MOT test. The MOT Test Engine Management Light change is something … Continue reading

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AMC Car Repairs Specialists in Auto Electrics

AMC Car Repairs Specialise in Auto Electrics: AMC Car Repairs are specialists in Auto / Vehicle Electrics , we have over 25 years experience in the Motor Industry. Our Auto Electrician supports many local garages who don't have their own onsite auto electrician and also provides his services direct to vehicle owners. As Auto Electricians we see a huge range of vehicle electrical faults everything from: broken wires, water ingress that has damaged circuit boards, blown fuses and faulty fuse boxes damaged relays & modules faulty ECU's faulty Body Control Modules Poor Connections Faulty Switches and much more We have access to a wide range of vehicle wiring diagrams and technical data. Our vast knowledge and experience in this area means that we often take on jobs that others have failed to diagnose or repair.  When contacting us regarding an … Continue reading
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