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Everything you need to know about DPFs

Everything you need to know about DPFs We have regularly posted information about DPF, we have covered various issues from Cleaning, Carbon Build up, right up to the legal side of DPF’s and the new MOT procedures that are to be implemented very soon! We came accross this article in a publication recently its talks about the Technical side of DPFs, how DPFs become blocked, Regeneration and Damage to DPFs.  We felt it would be a good item to share with our viewers as it reiterates the issues we have previously talked about and explains how Carbon is an issue. Click here to read the article As a business who offer a Specialist Cleaning service which uses the leading cleaning products sold in the USA, we understand the problems that people regularly face through poor maintance or premature wear to … Continue reading

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Faulty EGR – teeth stripped

Faulty EGR – Teeth striped This week we had a Audi A4 with warning lights on, upon further investigation we traced the fault to carbon build up that caused the flap to seize.  We decided to strip the motor to investigate further and discovered the plastic teeth were stripped due to seized flap from carbon. The vehicle also had a blocked DPF due to the ongoing EGR fault.  As a result of the Carbon build our customer ended up with quite an expensive bill as the EGR is an expensive component to replace on many vehicle.  These types of repairs can be minimised by carrying out annual serving with addition of BG Products.  So our recommendation would be to treat your car early and prevent high cost component replacement. Please click here to view our findings on video  

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