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Braking Distance versus Tyre Depth

Braking Distance versus Tyre Depth Independent Research provided by The Motor Industry Research Association has provided convincing new evidence that worn tyres significantly increase the chances of having an accident on wet roads, by increasing the braking distance. Tests showed a significant increase in braking distance when tyres are worn down to 3mm.  Although the legal limit is only 1.6mm this new research shows that tyres with a 3mm tread had 25% better performance than those with 1.6mm in wet conditions. In terms of braking distance this equates to an extra 8m (25ft).  One test showed a car with new tyres with a tread depth of 8mm compared to a tyres with 1.6mm, the braking distance increased by 13 metres (42.25ft) – the equivalent to double the length of a typical living room.   Click here to view how tyre … Continue reading

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