AMC Car Repairs Specialists in Auto Electrics

AMC Car Repairs Specialists in Auto Electrics:

We are specialists in Car / Auto Electrics and advanced diagnostics / fault finding.

As Auto Electricians we see a huge range of vehicle electrical faults everything from:

  • broken wires,
  • water ingress that has damaged circuit boards,
  • blown fuses,
  • damaged relays & modules and much more

We have access to a wide range of vehicle wiring diagrams and technical data and provide our services to the public and other local garages who don’t have their own auto electrician.

These are just a few examples of faults we have seen and resolved over the past few months:

  • Various headlight and other lighting faults
  • Faults with Immobilizers
  • Investigated various Engine Warning lights
  • Sunroof faults
  • Numerous Battery drains on a range of vehicles
  • Numerous non start vehicles
  • Resolved DPF issues
  • Abs faults
  • Airbag faults
  • A wide range of sensor faults
  • Dash / instrument cluster and speedo faults
  • ECU faults
  • Faults with vehicles braking system
  • Windscreen Wiper faults
  • Various different Relay faults
  • Parking Sensor Faults
  • Indicator Faults
  • Faults with door locks and central locking
  • Electric window faults
  • Water ingress to circuit boards, modules and sensors
  • Along with a wide selection of broken wires and other wiring faults

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If you are experiencing any kind of fault within your vehicle you should give us a call today to make an appointment with our auto electrician on 07587 988174 or 02380 879058

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