AMC Car Repairs – Weekly Roundup – Servicing

AMC Car Repairs – Weekly Roundup – Servicing

Servicing has been a popular booking this week, no two weeks are ever the same in this trade.  Although we specialise in Auto Electrics, Fault Finding & Diagnostics, we also service vehicles, along with remapping, ecu cloning & much more.  When someone calls to book servicing, its music to our ears – regular maintenance and servicing will help them have a more reliable vehicle.

It amazes us how many people dont service their vehicles, as they think am MOT test is sufficient, unfortunately an MOT only checks a fixed list of areas, a service will highlight other areas that need attention, along with refreshing the oil and filters.  Over the years we have seen allsorts when servicing cars.  The ones that stick in my memory are the service bookings for cars that havent had a service for some time.  Oil that no longer pours from the vehicle when its removed, it instead falls out in a congealed lumpy consistency and the air filters that are thick with black dirt that has been sucked into the vehicle,  their happily putting the interior blowers or air con on and inhailing the contents of their dirty filter, yuck!

Cars are much happier and more reliable with regular servicing,  if you look after it, its more likley to look after you and not leave you in a layby on a dark wet winters day.

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Heres a few of this weeks jobs:

  • Ford in for a Service & MOT Repairs
  • Seat with a faulty wiring loom
  • Peugeot with brake lights not working
  • Vw in for Servicing
  • Saab with an electrical fault
  • Peugeot in for Servicing
  • Ford in for fault finding
  • Auto Electrics on a Renault
  • Diagnostics on a VW
  • Headlight fault on an Audi

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