Is your car ready for the changing seasons ahead?

Is your car ready for the changing seasons ahead?

Is your car ready? Summer seems to have flown by this year, the kids are back at school and the nights are starting to cool.  Hope you have all had an amazing summer with some great memories?  We had a few well earned weeks off to recharge our batteries and spend time with family, that all seems like a distant memory now, as the normal work and school routine resumes.

I have noticed over the past week the nights are getting cooler and drawing in for autumn, the pigs have been released onto the forest to eat all the fallen acorns and the leaves have even starting to fall in some places.

This is the time to plan ahead and address any outstanding maintenance issues with your car, before the next big expense Christmas!

Oh no, sorry, apologies for mentioning the C word but if you know your car needs a service, repairs or has an ongoing fault that needs addressing, now is the time to think seriously about getting it fixed.

We all rely on our cars for everyday life its important to look after them, so they will look after you! Don’t leave it till its too late and your stuck on the roadside on a cold, wet winters evening broken down, many breakdowns can be avoided by regular maintenance.

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