Auto Electricians – AMC Car Repairs – weekly update

Southampton Auto Electricians – AMC Car Repairs – weekly update

As many of you know we are Auto Electricians covering the Southampton & New Forest Area.

Our job is very diverse, ive said this many times before no two days are ever the same.  This past week has taken us all over the place, we’ve been to Northam, Maybush, Freemantle, Millbrook, Marchwood, Hythe, Blackfield & Fawley to name just a few.

As you can see geographically we cover a good distance and the great thing for you is as long as you have a suitable area for us to work we will come to you and look at your vehicle so you don’t need to worry about getting home and can stay inside, in the warm.

Here is some examples of jobs we have seen this week:

  • Horn not working on a Ford – might not seem an issue until you need it, or for your MOT test its important that you check your horn occasionally to make sure it works as you never know when you will need to give someone a honk, we frequently see vehicles with faulty horns.
  • VW investigating an electrical fault
  • Hyundai with lighting electrical fault & a faulty brake caliper
  • Headlight fault on a Mazda
  • BMW for advanced diagnostics & fault finding
  • Volkswagen with an airbag fault – airbag faults are another fault we see frequently.  Its so important not to ignore this error when it appears on your car.  We are lucky that cars have airbags fitted now a days, but its pointless if you have an error message and don’t fix it!  The reasons for an airbag fault are so varied, there not always expensive to fix, sometimes it can just need a bit of tlc from us and your safety system will protect you again.
  • Diagnostics on a Volvo
  • Electrical fault on a Skoda that needed a wiring repair
  • Along with some remapping as well

as you can see another busy week for our Auto electrician and a real mixed bag of vehicles and faults.  If you have a fault you would like resolving Click here to contact us

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