Auto Electrics Repairs -AMC Car Repairs – Weekly Roundup

Auto Electrics Repairs – AMC Car Repairs – Weekly Roundup 

The last week or so has been busy for our Auto Electrician with Auto electrics repairs, we have seem many vehicles with electrical faults that have needed our expertise to find the cause and repair.

Heres a bit  what we have been up to recently:

  • Service on a Ford Focus – including Oil change, oil, cabin, air & fuel filter change & Service inspection – so the owner can keep on top of the wear and tear of their vehicle and ensure its running the best it can.
  • Battery drain issue on a Ford C  Max
  • Battery drain on a Fiesta – vehicle keeps loosing power from battery – pinpointing the cause and rectifying is so important to our customers to ensure their cars are reliable and start when they need them to.
  • Vw Polo with warning lights on dash – knowing why the light is on and resolving the fault will help keep them on the road.
  • Remap on Transit – every remap is different and bespoke to that vehicle.
  • Renault with electrical faults
  • Honda with Random lights turning on – electrical gremlins up to no good again.
  • Auto Electric Repairs on a Ford
  • Repairs to a VW Polo
  • Electrical fault on a VW passat
  • BMW with rear light fault – sometimes your not always aware your rear lights are faulty until people flash you, so its always good to check these at this time of year.
  • Windscreen wiper electrical fault – with the recent rain this has been a big problem for the customer, so good to be able to pin pont the cause and rectify.
  • Electrical fault on VW transporter needing our specialist auto electric repair services to get it back on the road.
  • Renault master with airbag fault
  • Immobiliser error on a Ford Transit
  • Nissan with lighting fault – so important to address lighting issues especially now the nights are getting darker early.

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