ECU Cloning / Clone Service @ AMC Car Repairs

ECU Cloning / Clone Service @ AMC Car Repairs

ECU Cloning / Clone Service to Engine ECU’s available on many makes & models.

Our Vehicle ECU services are available in the Southampton & New Forest area where we are based.  If you are not in the catchment area we cover we can discuss a postal service option with you at the time of your enquiry.


There are many reasons to Clone an Engine ECU, if your ECU is faulty but still readable then now is the time to investigate whether its possible to clone your Engine ECU. Once it becomes unreadable, a clone is no longer possible and rectifying the problem becomes more costly.

Engine ECUs can become faulty for a variety of reasons:

  • water ingress is a common issue,
  • age deterioration,
  • driver failure within the ecu
  • cracked solder joints are just a few examples of possible faults your ECU may experience.

AMC Car Repairs can carry out various methods of ECU Cloning, OBD mode, Boot mode and Bench Clone

If you suspect your ECU has developed a fault then contact us as soon as possible to see if we can carry out a clone for you. Click here to contact us