Engine Management Light Reminder!

Engine Management Light Reminder!

We need to give you an Engine Management Light Reminder! EML’s as there also known on cars need addressing before your MOT Test, as it will fail if you have one showing.

What is an Engine Management Light?  Basically its a warning light that will appear on your dash, they come in many different forms depending on the vehicle and fault. The light stays on the dash to warn you that your cars computer has detected a problem within an area of your car and it needs investigating and fixing to turn the light off.

Engine Managment Light Reminder Recently we have had an influx of customers with Engine management lights on their vehicles, who are either unaware of MOT changes or have left repairs until just before their MOT test.

The MOT Test Engine Management Light change is something that was bought in during recent years and we still have people that don’t realise that this is a fail.  Please get this sorted before you take your car for its annual MOT test to avoid failing on this.

Frequently we have people contact us very close to their MOT test date asking for us to investigate and resolve the Engine Managament light they have on their vehicle, this is something we are happy to do.

Please allow plenty of time for the fault to be determined and for parts to be ordered in to fix the problem, to get the eml light out before your MOT Test and save last minute panicing about whether it will be ready for its test!

Engine Management Lights (EMLs)  happen for a reason, we often get asked if we can turn the light off.  First we need to investigate why the EML is on and rectify the fault to be able to turn the light off, as if the problem is not fixed the light will return and you will still have a problem with your vehicle.

Engine Management Lights come on for a huge variety of reasons, many of these reasons are electrical related problems, which is where our Auto Electrician Services comes in handy to investigate and resolve these for you.  Sometimes its faulty sensors or electrical components, broken wires, fuses, modules the reasons are so vast.

When a vehicle has an EML on, the vehicle will often have a fault code stored. Many customers are under the illusion that its simply a case of plugging a computer into their vehicle and extracting the fault code which tells us whats wrong with the car.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, the computer does not tell us what needs repairing. The computer will often provide a fault code, which gives an indication of the area in which the fault has been flagged, it does not tell us the exact cause or what needs repairing. Diagnostics and testing have to be carried out to determine what the problem is, the computer cannot do this for us, years of skill and expertise are needed to investigate the fault further.

Please take note of this friendly Engine Management Light Reminder and give us a call as soon as an EML appears on your vehicle, so that we can get the problem resolved for you.

Remember not only will the car fail an MOT with the light on, but to continue driving the car and not resolving the fault could be dangerous, cause you to break down or cost you more in the long run as it may cause further damage.

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