EV & Hybrid Electric Cars

EV & Hybrid Electric Cars

We are now fully qualified to work on EV & Hybrid Electric Cars we have attached our IMI Level 4 Certificate.

AMC Car Repairs EV & Hybrid Mechanic / Garage

Once we completed our training we decided to join HEVRA.  HEVRA is an independent organisation that ensures its members meet certain standards when it comes to training & equipment, so if you see us advertising we may display the HEVRA sign.

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Most people know about Electric Cars now as they are becoming more and more popular.

So what is a EV & Hybrid vehicle?

Hybrid Cars:

Hybrid cars have a traditional combustion engine that works in conjunction with 1 or more electric motors and a battery.  Some Hybrids such as the Honda Insight, Civic or CR-Z use an electric motor joined to the flywheel of the engine, driving the wheels through a traditional gearbox.  The motor can add acceleration & make use of power that is otherwise wasted and improves fuel economy.

Other Hybrids such as Toyota Prius, Auris & Yaris use Planetary gearsets to make the most of the 2 powertrains.  This system allows the Toyota hybrid to drive in electric only mode for short periods and means it doesn’t need a traditional gearbox. Lexus also have related systems on some of their vehicles.

Nowadays lots of car manufacturers are using Hybrid systems to improve vehicles performance and economy.

EV & Electric Cars:

Electric cars offer a further benefit over hybrids.

  • they are a completely silent drive
  • you have no need visit a fuel station.

Most Electric cars refuel at home, via rapid chargers at motorway services and chargers are becoming more common in Car Parks. The more availability of charge points is allowing electric vehicles to be used for journeys beyond the driving range.

Electric cars are becoming more popular in the UK with most brands offering various models.

Plug in Hybrids & Range Extended Electric Vehicles:

A Plug in Hybrid is a combination of EV and Hybrid concepts.  Its a car that drives like a Hybrid but can also be topped up with electricity.  This gives the car refuelling options and making it convenient to what is available.

Who Can work on my Hybrid or EV Vehicle?

Its important if you have an Ev Electric or Hybrid vehicle that you get Repairs, Servicing & Diagnostics carried out by a fully trained mechanic. High Voltage Systems requires a different set of skills, knowledge & training than a Petrol or Diesel vehicle and many garages and mechanics are not qualified to work on Electric vehicles at this stage. Main dealers no longer have to be used for this work, you can use a fully trained independent like AMC Car Repairs to carry out this work.

If you have an EV or Hybrid vehicle and are based near Southampton or the New Forest give us a call on 07587 988174 to discuss your repair or servicing needs, or send us an email via our website Click here to go to our website