Have you any interesting animal related car stories?

Have you any interesting animal related car stories?  We have one to share with you.

We recently had a Mazda 3 in with an engine management light on the dash. Diagnostics were carried out and the fault was traced to a hose in the engine that had been eaten by a mouse.

This little mouse had been getting into the car and snuggling up in the warm area of the engine for his evening snooze and thought this hose was rather tasty!

The damaged hose was replaced and the problem was resolved, or so we thought!

10 days or so later we got another call from the customer to say the problem had returned and  he could see that this very naughty mouse had returned and eaten the new hose we had replaced!

Our customer set some traps for his little visitor whilst we waited for the replacement hose to arrive, fortunately he managed to catch the pesky little thing and we were able to replace the hose again.

We simply couldnt believe that the little mouse could a) cause so much damage and b.) had the cheek to munch through the new hose after we had replaced it, you would have thought all the things in a car engine he would of chosen something else, this particular hose must have been very tasty!