Oil Change & Servicing – AMC Car Repairs

Oil Change & Servicing – AMC Car Repairs

Whilst we specialise in Auto Electrics & Diagnostics over the past 6 months or so,  we have come across many vehicles that have not had an oil change & servicing carried out for some time.

All too often we hear the phrase ” its only just had an MOT Test”. We then have to advise them that, whats checked at an MOT Test is different to having a service.  An MOT Test is inspecting it at that moment in time,  a week later something could fail as a general wear and tear item, I won’t get into what is and isnt included in an MOT as that isnt the point of this post.

Since covid, the number of people getting their vehicles serviced at regular intervals has dropped. People are now using their cars more regularly and have forgetten when the last service was carried out.

This is just a gentle reminder that servicing and oil changes are an important aspect of vehicle maintenance.  What people may see as a cost saving excercise now, may become a more costly repair down the line that could of been prevented if action had been taken sooner.

So if you haven’t had your car serviced since the pandemic it may be worth considering getting it done soon.

I will leave some photos below of things we have found at services that have been overdue.

oil change

Clean oil going into engine

dirty oil

Found at an overdue oil change

car service

The difference between a dirty and clean filter.