Vehicle Lights: have you checked them recently?

Vehicle Lights: have you checked them recently?

Nows a good time to do so as the evening get darker:

Vehicle Lights this time of year suddenly become more important.

During the summer months many of us dont drive in the dark.  After the last week or so of inclement weather we have suddenly seen the evenings get darker, meaning a lot more of us are having to drive in the dark.

So this weekend set yourself the task of checking that all your vehicle lights on your vehicle are in good working order.  Its what will help keep you safe this winter when your on the road, if you cant see others, then they cant see you.

As Auto Electricians we see a wide array of faults with lights from simple to complex and want to highlight the importance of checking yours. They can fail at any time, without any notice and as we have enjoyed the recent summer months we wont necessarily have noticed that there is a problem. Its only now when the seasons begin to change and the clocks go back, the darker evenings creap up on us and before we know it we are driving home from work, shopping, visiting friends or kids activities in the dark and need our lights to be working.

So this weekend, check your vehicle lights:  Headlights, side lights, indicators, hazards and brake lights at the front and rear of your vehicle to make sure they are performing as they should, it will only take you a few minutes and is really important to your safety while you drive in the winter weather.  Make sure you check them before they become a problem for you.

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