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AMC Car Repairs Specialists in Auto Electrics

AMC Car Repairs Specialise in Auto Electrics: AMC Car Repairs are specialists in Auto / Vehicle Electrics , we have over 25 years experience in the Motor Industry. Our Auto Electrician supports many local garages who don't have their own onsite auto electrician and also provides his services direct to vehicle owners. As Auto Electricians we see a huge range of vehicle electrical faults everything from: broken wires, water ingress that has damaged circuit boards, blown fuses and faulty fuse boxes damaged relays & modules faulty ECU's faulty Body Control Modules Poor Connections Faulty Switches and much more We have access to a wide range of vehicle wiring diagrams and technical data. Our vast knowledge and experience in this area means that we often take on jobs that others have failed to diagnose or repair.  When contacting us regarding an … Continue reading
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Is your car summer ready

Is your car summer ready? I expect your summer holidays are booked. Do you need your car for your holidays?  If so when did you last have it checked by a qualified mechanic? Now is the time to get your car booked in for a service or to resolve any outstanding issues, so you not left disappointed and without a car when you want to be enjoying your holidays! Look after your car and it will look after you! Give us a call today on 07587 988174 or 02380 879058 Click here to send us an enquiry today!  

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Your local Auto Electrican

AMC Car Repairs - Your local Auto Electrician: AMC Car Repairs provide specialist Car Electrics, Diagnostics & Repairs.  Our Auto Electrician is here for your vehicles electrical needs, we can carry out electrical diagnostics and auto electrical repairs. Not all vehicle faults are due to mechanical failures. Cars have become more and more complex over the years and often require an auto electrician to repair them. AMC Car Repairs have extensive knowledge about auto electrics, we provide this service to customers directly and also support many local garages with problems of this nature. A wide range of Programming & Coding Services are also available at AMC Car Repairs, on many makes and models. Due to the advanced technology used in vehicles today, the majority of cars on the road have complex control units fitted, these advanced systems often require programming … Continue reading
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Is your car winter ready?

Is your car winter ready?   Over the past week or so the weather has started to feel more autumnal, winter is on its way.  With the weather changing the conditions outside can be unpredictable is your car ready to use in during dull, dark, cold, winter days? Here are are few things you should check before driving on darker colder days: When did you last have your antifreeze / coolant changed? has it been done in the last few years? if not it could do with a change to ensure it performs. Are you windscreen wipers working correctly and in good condition? Rain could catch you unprepared if not. Do your lights work? Days can be dull and get dark early. Is your heater working? Temperatures drop, travelling conditions can be chilly and your screen can mist up too. … Continue reading

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Car Service & MOT – The Facts

Car Service & MOT – The facts. Did you know there is a difference between a Car Service & MOT Test?  Please read on if you would like to understand what the difference is. Think of your car as another member of your family, you want it to be there for you when you need it.  Humans require clean air and a good diet to perform at their best and not become unwell. Cars are no different really. Cars require a good clean air flow, clean oil and filters.  Without these, a cars insides become clogged up and parts start to fail, impacting on the way they perform for you.   The number of customers we have that say “Oh my car has only just passed its MOT Test, I’m surprised that its broken down!”.  When ask when they last … Continue reading

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Diagnostics on Porsche

Diagnostics on Porsche Called out to a fellow local garage to assist with a faulty porsche that kept on throwing cam and crank correlation codes out. The main dealer had failed to diagnose the fault we scoped the cam and crank signals and found this. Red signal is camshaft bank 1 and blue signal is camshaft bank 2, green is crankshaft signal. The Blue signal was 11 degrees retarded so timing needs attention. Please click here to view Cam and Crank Signal Image

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Volvo Specialists – New Forest

 AMC Car Repairs are now Volvo Specialists: We are very pleased to announce that we are Volvo Specialists we have recently invested in the full Volvo Diagnostic Equipment (DICE and VOE).  So if you would rather use an Independent Volvo Garage then get in touch with us. Our New equipment enables us to Program and Diagnose Volvo’s in the comfort of your own home (if the job allows or we can collect and return the car upon completion of work). We Cover the New Forest, Lymington, Hythe, Totton, Southampton and Surrounding areas. We have set up a New Facebook page dedicated to Volvos so if you own a Volvo check it out. Volvo Specialist – New Forest Facebook page click here We are not just Volvo Specialists we will work on other makes and models also, but we wanted to … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from AMC Car Repairs!!

Happy New Year from AMC Car Repairs!! May 2017 be a Great Year for everyone. THANK YOU all for your support!! We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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